dine out of the box with your
favourite waiter online

dine out of the box with your favourite waiter online

dine out of the box with your
favourite waiter online


Q42 is a strategic technology agency that focuses on linking high-quality technology to innovation focused on impact. Or as they themselves sometimes say: “we’re nerds with a heart for the end user and we build nice stuff to put a mark on the planet”

The extensive portfolio has led Gastrohome to partner with them and develop the streaming app. They are known as a party that specializes purely in technology and at the same time looks wide enough to not only solve the problem correctly, but also to solve the right problem.

For over 80 years Gastrovino has been discovering special wines and these are carefully selected by tasters. They are constantly looking for both, the right flavours and the story behind a wine or winery. This is the only way to get a fascinating assortment, according to these experts.

They have made a selection of all the most important wine producing countries, old and new, together with Gastrohome to fit perfectly with the restaurant dishes.

During special nights with the streaming waiter you can place a last minute order for a delicious wine according to your food order.  Gastrovino will deliver the wines to you at home to finish off your experience.

Sjauf is a work platform that provides support to companies in security, logistics and transport. This is a company that is used to arranging last minute drivers so deliveries are transported with high quality and maximum care.

In order to deliver orders throughout the Netherlands, the rates have been calculated on the basis of the area code according to the kilometers between the address of the restaurant and the location of the user, the price will be calculated.

Gastrohome decided to collaborate with Sjauf for its transparency in price rates and its flexibility.