dine out of the box with your
favourite waiter online

dine out of the box with your favourite waiter online

dine out of the box with your
favourite waiter online

1. Can I give a box as a gift?

Yes, order a box at your favorite restaurant. Choose the “dinner box gift” option, fill in your personal information and that of the person you want to give the gift to. And ready to order!

2. How far in advance can I order?

You can see in the calendar when booking the chosen restaurant what dates are available. The description of the menu is visible until that specific menu is served.

3. During dinner can I extend my order?

Yes, it is possible to order through the waiter during the streaming dinner as long as there is a Gastrovino courier nearby.  It is possible to expand your wine order, not your food order.

4. How much work do I actually have on the dishes?

The restaurants aim to take full care of you during your culinary evening. The dishes are as good as ready. The waiter indicates when and what needs to be done, so that you can fully focus on your company.

5. Should everyone in the company eat the same menu?

Each restaurant has its own menu, but for example there is always a substitute vegetarian dish available. In addition, an allergy or dietary wish can always be passed on.

6. Can I order if I have an allergy?

When you order a box, you can add in the comment box if you’re allergic to something. The chef will take this into account, if there are any questions about your allergy, the restaurant will contact you

7. What's the dress code?

What would you do if you went to the restaurant? This is also the perfect dress code for dinner at home.

8. How long does the evening last?

As in the restaurant, the different courses come together on the table. Together with the waiter, you set the pace. Consider a sumptuous dinner.

9. What time does my dinner start?

There are different streaming times. You are free to log in at these indicated moments.

10. Is the waiter on screen all night?

No, the waiter is in the frame to accompany. Just like in the restaurant, the waiter only comes at your table to explain something or if he/she wants to tell you something about the dishes. If he/she is not on screen it is possible to call them.

11. Can the waiter hear me all night?

No, only when the waiter is on screen he/she has access to your microphone. When they are not, the conversations you have are completely private.

12. Can the waiter see me all night?

Yes, the waiter is able to see during the evening the room where you are dining in. This way, they will know exactly whether or not he/she can disturb, how far you are with a dish and when he/she can be an added value to you.

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